We donate 10% from the Sale of Artwork to World Missions and Charities 2022

‘If one part (of the body) suffers, every part suffers with it.’

1 Corinthians 12:26.

Allocation of donations is carried out by The World Missions Committee of Christ Church, Cheltenham.  The Missions Committee exists to encourage, promote and support the giving of prayer and resources to local, national and global mission initiatives.

Hope for justice

Hope For Justice

“On behalf of Christ Church World Mission we are delighted with this exciting new initiative which will not only give great artistic encouragement to many people but will also provide funds to help us support some of the most needy people on the planet.   On a personal note, I have recently been to Guatemala as a guest of the World Mission supported charity Toybox to see a project helping street children.   I was horrified by what I encountered and humbled by witnessing the incredible work Toybox do.  It reinforced my awareness that we need to raise as much funding as possible to support people in desperate situations.  So this potential new area of funding is most welcome and we thank everybody involved.”  Sam Shrouder, Chairman of the World Missions Committee.

Examples of World Missions and Charities to be considered for funding in  are as follows: –

Mission without Borders

An international Christian organisation serving the spiritual, educational, emotional and material needs of those suffering poverty or oppression. Their work is focused on Eastern Europe – especially Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania and Ukraine.

Hope for Justice

Millions of Men, Women and Children are trapped in slavery. Through their programmes, Hope for Justice secure freedom, uphold justice and restore lives.

Open Doors

An international Ministry serving persecuted Christians and churches worldwide. Open Doors supply Bibles, leadership training, literacy programmes, livelihood, support and advocacy services.

The Children’s Society

Through their direct practice, policy work and campaigning, The Children’s Society fight childhood poverty, harm and neglect.


Our mission is to end the injustice of children living and working on the streets.

Maggie’s Cancer Support Centres Uk

The ground-breaking model of cancer support pioneered by Maggie’s has been developed to meet the practical, emotional and social needs of people with cancer.

Wi’am, Conflict Resolution Centre in Bethlehem

Wi’am aims to address the urgent needs of the Palestinians, improve the quality of relationships and promote peace and reconciliation in the community.

Mission Partners:

Christ Church, Cheltenham – Dan Browne (ACET) Afghanistan
Holy Apostles, Cheltenham  – Garry Irons (CMS) Uganda and Southern Sudan

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