Darkness into Light Japanese Tsunami

I was in a nuclear power station with my two children.  The station was being evacuated.  I looked out of the window to find the building immersed in a huge tidal wave with the swirling waters rising up fast towards us.

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I took the children into a small room and turned off a switch.  The walls of the room gradually started contracting and moving in on us.  I held the children close to me.  I told them that this was why I talked to them about Faith, the Bible and Jesus. I comforted them by telling them we would be safe, we were going through.  The wall opposite us began to open and a beautiful light illuminated the room.  An incredible feeling of peace came over us, unlike any I’d ever experienced, as we went through.

The next day I shared this dream with my home group in church.  One lady asked me if I knew there had been a Tsunami in Japan the night before.  I hadn’t heard the news that morning but presumed I must have.  One week later, listening to the news, I heard about the effect the Tsunami was having on the Tokyo Nuclear Power Station.   Shocked into consciousness at the significance of my dream, I woke up to the notion that God was talking to me through the dream.  This vision of the victims of the disaster going ‘through’ helped bring me some comfort.

At that time I was in a dilemma as to whether to cut down on teaching children in several Sunday schools and a youth club in Cheltenham because of other commitments.  Hoping to water seeds of faith and help relieve the fear children can experience over the loss of loved ones and death, I decided I must increase rather than decrease my evangelism work especially with children.  I now lead a team of ‘Open the Book’ who go into primary schools to re-enact the bible stories.

Size:  102 x 91 cm
Original Art
White frame
Collage of textiles, ribbons, beads, buttons, newspaper, a zip and transparent discs with names of victims in gold paint.

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102 x 91 cm



Original Work



White frame


Collage of textiles, beads, buttons, ribbon, paper, stitches includes names of some of the victims on transparent discs with gold paint.

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