Tree of Life

Following on from my Shakespeare tree, I was inspired to create a tree by adding text from vintage/shabby bibles .   I wanted the theme to be “The Tree of Life” from the bible and added as many verses as I could find referring to this.  I found 12 different fruits mentioned in the bible.  I wanted the artwork to be something you could go back to many times and always see/read something different

I saw a tree with the branches facing outwards like wings with birds flying into the tree and some nesting in the branches.  As the piece evolved, I hid all sort of things into the tree that you will only find on close inspection !

My Tree of life is dedicated to the memory of my first born son James who died  ( 23/12/14) , in a tragic road traffic accident while cycling . He was just 22 yrs. I was halfway through this piece at the time and the tree evolved as I worked through my grief.  This work took me six months to complete.

The original artwork is not for sale, though it is available for exhibitions.  On viewing the original, I add a magnifying glass which is needed to view full detail and to read the text.

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A1 posters in cardboard tubes £20. Smaller posters £15. Giclée prints with cream mount to order £85.


As well as old bibles, I have created this work using watercolour, fine ink pens, children's artwork, wrapping paper, origami, vintage books, book bindings etc.

Original Art

Original not for Sale

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