The Annunciation Box


This work is an exploration of the Annunciation, which is the name given to the visit of the Angel Gabriel to Mary, to ask her if she was willing to be the mother of Jesus Christ. The sculpture combines the ideas of a box, a building and a book.

‘The Annunciation’ is often overshadowed by the Christmas celebration of the birth of Jesus, but Mary’s acceptance of a divine pregnancy, especially in her unmarried state, was an act of great courage.

The sculpture has elements of Roman architecture (the portico which the angel is about to enter) and medieval style (half timbered cottage), reflecting both the Roman period of Christ’s life and the medieval depictions of it most familiar to us.

Turning the carving of Mary varies both the composition and the degree of tension between the figures. Opening the different sections takes us back through time to contemplate and dissect this strange event.

I wrote the poem specifically for this piece in an attempt to view it from Mary’s point of view. In a world in which women are so often used, God’s question and Mary’s consent is a crucial exchange.

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L157 x W39 x H30 cm



Original Work




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