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Sue Trickey is not only an artist but a songwriter too


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I am a new Gloucestershire artist, delighted to be finding the time again for art after a busy family life. I have had a strong Christian faith for the past 30 years and worship regularly at The Mariner’s church, Gloucester. My faith has grown over the years and my life is testimony to the healing power of Christ. My life has been changed as I have been healed of an eating disorder that was destroying me and had me in its grip for over 10 years, a dreadful time. I am now free to be myself and I have been free from this illness for the past 20 years!! I thank God.
I have always loved being creative even as a young child, As well as art I am also a songwriter ( I have produced four Cd’s of original songs and music)  and have a large folder of christian poetry written over the years.
Every day I am grateful to God for being alive, I want to honor God in all that I do. Through my art ,my life and in my music/writing. I am so, so grateful for these creative gifts I have been given and am glad to be sharing my art with you here. My hope is that through my creativity, God may speak to you, maybe in an unexpected way. He is the true creator and the one from who I draw my strength.I “ No by might, not by strength but by my spirit, says the Lord” ( Zech 4 vs  6 ) I am so happy and fulfilled to be creating original art.
It is a wonderful gift and one in which i shall be forever learning!!

Two years ago I was inspired to try my hand at art again and to “pick up my paintbrush” the  first time after a break 20 years! I started with my “Autumn” tree,  I was then inspired to created trees for all the seasons, trying to make these imaginative and unique. I created  these using ink pens and watercolors and fine inks Gradually my work started to evolve into mixed media. For my “Shakespeare tree” I started to combine  collage using vintage books/text and other bits and pieces collected over a period of time. This idea is continuing to develop., My recent “Tree of Life” combines collage (Vintage bibles, books, music,origami, wrapping paper etc) with watercolor and fine ink pen.
My work continues to evolve and  for my latest “Water of Life” It has developed into  a 3 D mixed media work. I feel I am following visions that are in my mind, I have a strong sense of how I should start a new artwork but I never quite know quite how the finished piece will look. It is exciting to be doing this and to watch the art gradually take shape over a period of time. Some pieces are so detailed it can take me six months to finish. I am never in a hurry!!

My Shakespeare Tree was a finalist in The White Room Gallery, Gloucester, Open art competition 2015 and  as a result I have had exhibitions in Gloucester museum and at Taurus crafts, Lydney ,where I  now have  my original art cards for sale in their gift shop.
I was a commended artist at the recent art exhibition on the theme of “Treasure” at the Hub Gallery, Christchurch.

An exhibition of all my art is currently on at Pepper’s cafe, Bull lane, Gloucester until early December 2015.

I hope you enjoy my art, I am building up my portfolio of original works and am not selling many of these and some are too precious to me. I have mounted prints available for sale of each artwork and some posters.I also have a range of greetings card to match each artwork. Enquiries about commissions taken.

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