Alison Thislethwaite

Ali and her husband David have a studio in the Cotswolds where they teach art.

About Alison

Ali Thistlethwaite’s abstract paintings have developed over the last ten years from several main loves in her life. There is nature, and her sense of God’s presence when painting flowers and landscape, which has always been a strong theme in her art. There is music and improvisation, which came out of a training in music therapy and translates directly into spontaneity in painting. There is singing and worship, which lead directly into painting. There is the artistic tradition, excellent colour teaching at art school, and learning from the great masters of colour. And there is the Bible, the inspiration for many of her subjects, and the Holy Spirit.

Ali is particularly drawn not just to the softer themes in the Bible message but also to its toughness. This gives her paintings strenuousness and depth as she explores the gamut of emotions from joy to pain, from forgiveness to wholeness. Ali has had the honour of exhibiting her works in several cathedrals, York Minster, Worcester, Bradford, Wells and Peterborough and has found her bold spiritual acrylics oddly not out of place among the ancient stones.

Ali and her husband David live and have a studio in the Cotswolds where they also teach art and give occasional ‘art retreats’ for people who want to spend time with God through making art.

For details of Ali and David Thislethwaite’s art workshops, groups and retreats: – contact

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