Annette Turner

Annette Turner is an artist who is also a Christian

About Annette

My overriding aim is that everything that I make should have the quality of beauty, such that if you found it in a field without any explanatory information, you would stoop to pick it up and keep it, even if you didn’t know what it was.

Some of my work, but by no means all, deals with specifically Christian or moral themes. When I make Christian art I find it very difficult because I am trying to translate astonishing and shocking events, which most of the key points in the Christian story are, into something which avoids cultural neutering. This sometimes forces me to recognise elements of my own scepticism. In this way a Christian artist is a kind of Everyman, expressing the dialogue between faith and doubt.

I also include elements of narrative and humour in my work and gain a lot of inspiration from the physical world and our position in it. Somewhere along the line aesthetic rapture crosses over into spiritual experience. For the rest, I believe in doing whatever you can, as well as you can, for as long as you can. I’ll be happy with that.

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