Jenny McLaughlin

Jenny is a qualified lecturer and an Artist and Illustrator based in Blackpool, England.

About Jenny

A finalist in the BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year Competition, 2011, Jenny’s illustration clients include Your M & S Magazine, Fylde Borough Council, Pendle Productions, Blue Phoenix Web Design and others.

Jenny’s conversion to the Christian faith came in Autumn 2012, following a prayer apologizing for previous sins and a decision to follow God and Christianity exclusively for the rest of her life:

“I came to truly know God in Autumn 2012. I hadn’t truly understood what people meant when they talked about profound religious experiences before then. I’d experienced various religions over the years and gone to Church, but this was very different. I was amazed that God is actually real and cares very much about the world and ourselves. But what did I know about Christianity? Not enough, so I decided to read the Bible and also the Apocryphal books (a task I am still undertaking) and gradually I learnt more and more about Christianity. I researched the history of Christianity and talked to God about it each day.

 For a while, though I am an Artist and Illustrator I was very unsure about creating religious paintings, but as I have read more and more Bible verses and scriptures I have personally come to see religious art as illustrations to help us understand God and his word more fully. Like the pictures in a children’s book, an illustration can communicate many words and concepts and can speak across language barriers. I see Art and Illustration as a very powerful means of communication and hope to communicate my faith through my art work.”

Jenny’s children’s book, ‘Mayfly’ was published on and her Art has been exhibited at various galleries.

She is very grateful for the sales of her paintings, prints and merchandise and also for the illustration commissions she has been given over the years.

Her website can be viewed at


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