Karen Grant

About Karen

I first felt inspired to pick up a paintbrush whilst living in Florida twenty years ago.  The brilliance of the light and the vividity of the colours sparked off something deep inside me.

My introduction to watercolour painting was through a loose, free style of painting based on oriental calligraphy which focussed on carefully placed single strokes of the bush. This minimal approach gave me a sense of freedom and the confidence to explore and develop my own style.

Over the last two decades, I have been evolving as an artist, discovering my own way of painting and have been fortunate to receive tuition from a number of notable artists. Colour is still very important to me but I have learnt to adapt to the more muted tones to be found in Britain.

As well as watercolour, I enjoy working in oil and acrylic and find I have different uses for the different mediums.

Just as each one of us is a unique created being, each work of art is an original creation. Therefore there is an infinite number of creations waiting to be produced by artists all over the world.

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