Nikki Seville

About Nikki  (portrait by David Seville – her husband)

The healing power through creativity and an ever deepening faith inspire my work. When I make work, I trust my instincts which are deeply connected to my faith. Like some writers, I may have a theme initially, but don’t have a clue how it will turn out. The Gaza Wall painting: What we teach our children and what they teach us, has the word Lord in the centre which I didn’t plan.

The images engage the viewer in narratives of human tragedy and injustice. Sometimes, the subjects are contentious which nudges people to consider their lives in comparison to the lives of others. I hope they are seductive enough to draw someone in and to stir in them compassion. I also tell of contemporary faith stories in textiles, drawing and paint.

The work is socially engaging and translates through a lightness of spirit, into artwork which is gentle and humble. Often the materials I use are the same as children i.e. felt tips and crayons. Jesus said ‘become like little children,’ Matthew 18:3. I believe God uses me as a vehicle to speak to others about Jesus; I speak in the language of children through a naive style, in a visual language which I hope an audience will delight in the seeing.


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