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I run the Preschool at Christ Church, Cheltenham and have started a group of even littler dots, 2 – 3 year olds, which is turning out to be very popular.  I have always had a love of painting myself from a very young age and see how important it is for me to nurture this love in the children under my care from day to day.  So important to have that freedom to express yourself, uninhibited and unselfconscious.  I’m sure this reflects later on in the children in their learning and participating in the classroom.  They can find a voice through their drawing and painting which can translate into a confident voice speaking up in class.

Design and Art is all around us to inspire and encourage us.  I have done a series of paintings based on recent heroes and heroines in contemporary culture.  They make a lovely present for someone who is a fan of a particular pop legend.  I have two children who share my passion for being creative.

My son recently wrote a poem based on how he felt about soldiers who went to fight in World War I.  This inspired me to do a painting depicting a black soldier on the frontline.  This painting sold along with others of mine in the recent War and Peace Art Exhibition in the Hub Gallery, Christ Church, Cheltenham.  What a thrill that was, someone wanting my work on their walls.


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